Osmo DJI FM-15 FlexiMic


DJI is pleased to announce that the new Osmo FlexiMic will be made available free of charge for all Osmo owners from January 29th as a sign of our appreciation on the occasion of DJI’s 10th anniversary. This new plug-in microphone will offer users of our...Extended product information

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There are several ways for Osmo users to get their free FlexiMic. It will be included together with all new Osmos, from Jan. 29. If anyone receives an Osmo without an included FlexiMic, or if they purchased an Osmo before Jan. 29 without a microphone, we’re offering several ways to easily get one from the beginning of March:

1. Customers who bought their DJI Osmo in our Online Store or at our Shanghai Airport store, will receive an email with a coupon code, which can be redeemed for a free FlexiMic at the Official DJI Online Store. If you don’t receive a coupon, please contact onlinesales@DJI.com.

2. For those that purchased their DJI Osmo from an affiliate website, please contact the affiliate in question for a coupon code to use in the Official DJI Online Store.

3. If a user has purchased their Osmo from an Authorized DJI Dealer, they can receive their FlexiMic by contacting the dealer. For any questions, please contact sales@dji.com.

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