About us

Cloud City Drones is Rhode Island's first and only drone shop.

Drones, multirotors, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)... They're all different names for the same thing. We sell small consumer drones, meaning they're a foot or two across and weigh two or three pounds. These drones are used for high-resolution photo and video -- they provide remarkably stable shots, allowing for long exposures and smooth, professional film footage.

Yes, you can see T.F. Green from our window.

We put safety first. We never fly outside the store or anywhere within five miles of the airport. Part of the reason we exist is to provide education about drones and training for pilots, which means you won't be seeing our customers flying their new drones in the parking lot.

But we do love flying.

You'll find us in the air almost every weekend, getting footage at community events, hanging out with other pilots, or tinkering with our drones. We host regular flying parties -- you should come! Check out our event page here.